Storage Silo Cement sand fly ash slag corn wheat soybean
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Storage Silo Cement sand fly ash slag corn wheat soybean

Applications of Cement Silo

Cement silo is suitable for bulk cement sand and dry fly ash,featured by rain and dampness resistand and easy to use etc.Cement silo is cylinder and supporting the superior parts has dust removing device to avoid leakage of dust,and the inferior part is equipped with each breaker to avoid

China Cement Silos

China Cement Silos


Categories of Cement Silo (75-490Tons)


60tons cement silo








Cement Silo Manufacturing Technology
With this mentality Oriental who exports %100 of his products to over 45 countries , took the bolted type cement silos in his product range in order to minimize the transportation costs. It’s obvious that to manufature those cement silos require serious infrastructure of technology and sensitive production technics. The parts of the Oriental cement silos are manufactured by using laser cutting technic and special equipments with high sensivity and they are painted with prime coating and final coating in special painting cabinets

Silo Part


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