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100-120 tons of bulk cement tank (cement silo) is a medium-sized integrated vertical bulk cement steel storage tanks.Especially the 100 tons of cement tank cement silo application of the most widely used, small, medium and large concrete mixing plants are available.

 Henen oriental machinery production of 100 tons of bulk cement silo (cement tank) is one of the steel drum tank. The composition of the 100 tons of cement silo : warehouse steel structure parts, ladder, guardrail, feeding tube, precipitator, a pressure relief valve, high and low level meter, discharge valve . 100 tons of bulk cement powder silo ( cement tank ) installation steps:

Do positions in the body outrigger concrete foundation with a crane perpendicular to the ground of the bulk cement tank erected , firmly embedded parts of the bottom and basic welding .

Second, the cement into the cement silo in two ways:

    1 , bulk cement tank car for transportation of cement bulk cement tanker conveying pipeline and bulk cement silo (cement tank feed line connecting the tank through the gas pressure of the bulk cement truck cement transported to the cement silo cement tank ) . Operation Note: In the to the cement silo operator uninterrupted rather than pressing the cement silo the precipitator vibration motor, and shake off the cement attached to the dust collector bag to prevent blocked the bag, the occurrence of warehouse explosion Once the cement is blocked bag, bulk cement compartment pressure exceeds the cement silo warehouse roof, the pressure relief valve to open the release positions within pressure, prevent accidents warehouse explosion. Bulk cement warehouse top bag cement attached to regularly observe clean-up in a timely manner.

    2 , bagged cement into the cement hoist cement powder silo  ( cement tank).

Cement silo in the course of other considerations:

    ① when the discharge is required, first to open the cone at the bottom of discharge valve manually, and then the cement fed out by cement conveying apparatus. In the discharge process, if there is a ” bagging ” , on a timely pressing the arch breaker solenoid valve button, blowing, eliminate the ” bagging ” feed, to ensure smooth supply of cement. 
    (2) when the cement delivery device failure, first turn off the manual discharge valve at the bottom of the cone, prevent cement spillover, resulting in waste.

  100-120 tons of bulk cement tank (cement silo) technical parameters: 

Cement tank model Tank diameter Tank height With screw conveyor Model
100 tons of cement tank meters 12.5 meters LSY219 (LSY180)
120 tons of cement tank meters 14.5 meters LSY219 (LSY180)
Cement silo manufacturer

Cement silo manufacturer

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