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How do the Foundation should be the most sensible of the cement tank Cement foundation reduces the protection of fixed cement tanks of the tank to prevent cementtank, well Foundation is a good first step in cement tank installation, foundation guaranteeingthe back of the program to be successful if you respect the foundation built for so few Things to consider. 1. Building on the Foundation, has the floor map, in the manufacture of the Foundation, in conjunction with the cement tank height, weight, height of the legs making foundation, depth of the foundation not only in connection with the cement of the tank itself, in conjunction with the environment, natural climate make in conjunction with the eighth Foundation; 2. the […]

Management of cement in tanks cement silo Cement silos bulk tank is a watertight storage of bulk materials, suitable for storage of various bulk materials such as grain, cement, fly ash tank is equipped with a system level, where the display hardware, and how , hole device can unload the material deposited for too long because […]

The important role of the pressure relief valve in the product (Safety valve) Dust Collector many accessories are very important to the product itself, the pressure relief valve plays in cement silo top dust collector system is a very important role in security. In mixing cement tank pressure to the specified amount exceeds, the valve opens automatically, stirred part of the […]

How to deal with an accident repair the cement silo Cement silo maintenance must be done to verify good security, security equipment to care, a security tool violation is to be replaced, this is before the repair of the most important steps in the cement silo, but if someone falls, what to do with : […]

Cold winter how to use the cement silo The cold winter is coming, cement silos body of the method for the protection varies with the seasons, how different and how reasonable protection of the masses, cement silos, we simple presentation. Are loose cement silo mixing plant and needs that some users mix If you train […]

Improvement program of the screw conveyor auger connection Improvement of the spiral conveyor Dragon twisted links: Screw conveyors, known collectively as the “spiral”. Drills to use, often twisted links, twisted, not Dragon Bolt, Dragon Auger works. Twisted Dragon bolt connections of less than six years was, at times interrupted less than 3 months. And this […]

Screw conveyor auger conveyor systems Overview An economic analysis of the usual method is to install the system in comparison with the total cost, and then the system running costs for the comparison. A system including the equipment for the operation of the system of electricity, operating and maintenance manual, spare parts and other parts […]

Screw conveyor uses the characteristics of structure and working principle Design of screw conveyor Screw conveyor uses and characteristics: LS series Design of screw conveyor is used mainly for transportation of cement, fly ash, fine powders and granules such as sand. Often used in the finishing of the batching plant, cement, mining, through the years, the long-term development […]

Screw conveyor spreader controls best method Modern construction is set up, the blade control surface basic methods of soil pressure balancing, under real pressure in the coal face of change, adjust the volume of dumping in a timely manner, ensuring the face have the right to the assistance of pressure. Currently used, the method is to […]

Improving the screw conveyor seals information Screw conveyor between the various processes to meet material transfer equipment must meet the following requirements: (1) Material handling perform material handling, stability and speed to the appropriate requirements; (2) no leaves and sprinkle in the transport of materials, fly, etc.. For the above requirements and having regard to the […]

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