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The screw conveyor is widely used.Screw conveyor in the role of the pneumatic recovery embodied in what? Recovery of strength is the strength recovery in the form of shot peening equipment, apply to small shot peening between operatives in sealed shot peening, spray pill material falling into the bucket of the lower part of a […]

Resistance of rotating material instrument used in modern industrial processes and warehousing sector, used the container of powder and granular material, the level of detection or control. Its works by the deceleration of exchange micro-motor, driven by the detection of slow blade rotation, when the material under test level rise. Resulting in rotation of the […]

Second, power 1, note that the fan start (automatic fuse is easy to fuse, to avoid the stand-alone run the motor burned) Electric power switch must be relay 3, strict compliance with electrical wiring methods specified by the manufacturer 4, the management staff of the power switch is relatively stable (3), vacuum cleaners One, pay […]

Cement silo Electric dust collector is a new function on the basis of common precipitator of a new type of filter, electrostatic precipitator maintenance and dust collector in everyday use such as maintenance of the warehouse roof, cement tank, dust collector and there are some differences between . Let’s look at the routine maintenance of […]