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2013 New Bolted cement silo is transported to the construction site after the Modular Production molding with bolt assembly connected to use of new cement silo. Class bulk cement silo completed by machining, to get rid of the traditional on-site production of rough conditions with limited defect caused by manual welding, gas cutting, a beautiful shape, short construction period, easy to install, can be focused transport the advantage of re-use after use transitions.
Henan oriental machinery co.,ltd. Bolted cement silo equipment About
Bolted cement silo (sheet cement silo), including dust removal system, the broken arch device, material level device and ladder equipment:
1, dust removal system: the top of the cement silo is equipped with electric dust removal device and effective adsorption positions of suspended particles in the body, to reduce the pollution of the surrounding environment.
2, the broken arch device: cement silo cone unit equipped with inflatable arch breaker located in gas control box small solenoid valve to control the release of compressed air cement and powder broken arch to avoid powder accumulation , causing blockage.
3, the material level device: split cement silo material level device-aware storage warehouse in vivo material height.

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