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Henan oriental machinery co.,ltd. 2013 Bulk cement silo manufacturers of various types of cement silo professional company, ORIENTAL company mainly drawings are the use of advanced production technology and production base built to a high standard, and the formation of the high-quality products primarily to the 150 -300tons of bulk cement silo cement silo high standard, low-price products group, sold throughout the country, are widely used in the construction of industrial and civil buildings, roads, bridges, water conservancy, electric power and other infrastructure, and play an important role in a number of national key projects.
Bulk Cement silos Product details:
2013 New Bulk cement silo is an enclosed tank storage of bulk material, suitable for storing grain, cement, fly ash and other bulk materials, the tank is equipped with particle-bit systems, and be able to display the location and how much of the material, the hole in the device can be lifted solid material deposited long. Cement silo and screw pump used in conjunction with materials to be transported to various locations, the tank installation is convenient, safe and reliable the various mixing station ideal bulk storage tank.
1. The cement silo typically as a concrete mixing station (F) supporting products to use.
2. Cement silo is suitable for bulk cement and dry fly ash, rain, moisture, easy-to-use features; 30t, 50t, 100t, 150t, 200t, and other specifications. Can also be produced according to the size of the user requirements.

Bulk cement silo details
Cement silo (cement tank) the cylindrical structure supported by four round tube legs at the bottom of the body of the entire warehouse, the entire warehouse all of the steel structure in the form of welded; top with precipitators and pressure relief valve.
Cement silo cement silo and other related material storage equipment, its working principle is as follows:
Secured storage silos, bulk cement truck transporting cement to the site, and then feed piped bulk cement truck transmission pipeline with cement silo (cement tank), the gas pressure of the bulk cement truck The tank cement transported to the cement silo (cement tank).
2, to transport cement storage silos, press the button of the precipitator vibration motor operator uninterrupted, and shake off the cement attached to the dust collector bag to prevent blocked bag warehouse explosion occurs.
3, the level of material position can be observed to the positions full and Queliao.
4, when the need to emit the cement, the first manually open the cone at the bottom of discharge valve, and then the cement fed out by cement conveying apparatus. In the discharge process, if there is a “bagging” phenomenon, timely pressing the arch breaker solenoid valve button, blowing, eliminating the “bagging” feed, to ensure smooth supply of cement.
Additional equipment is as follows:
1, dust removal system: the top of the cement silo is equipped with electric dust removal device and effective adsorption positions of suspended particles in the body, to reduce the pollution of the surrounding environment.
2, the broken arch device: cement silo cone unit equipped with inflatable arch breaker located in gas control box small solenoid valve to control the release of compressed air cement and powder broken arch to avoid powder accumulation , causing blockage.
3, the feed-bit device: cement silo material level device-aware storage warehouse in vivo material height.

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