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Screw Conveyor machine and the application characteristics: transport LS screw (also known as) the original structure, technical indicators advanced, the head and the tail bearing is moved outside the housing, bearing hanging smooth bearing device dust, a material the end of a material cleaning device entry, and the flexibility of placement exit. Having generally use the metallurgy of powders, for the transport of cement using blankets bearing the hanging tree and the threaded rod through the spiral demolition cursor connection without moving the drive unit, demolition without moving spiral bearing hanging, can not remove the lubrication of coverage, low noise and high reliability, long service life, adaptabilityease of installation and maintenance.

Screw Conveyor Manufacturer

Screw Conveyor Manufacturer

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Wide spiral of applications: spiral machine is widely used in various industries, such as construction materials, chemicals, electricity, metallurgy, coal, grain and other industries, suitable for horizontal or inclined, transport materials powder in bulk powder and small, such as coal, ash, slag, cement, food, the temperature of product is less than 200 ° C. Spiral machine is not suitable for the transport of perishable, viscous materials easy bonding agents, because these materials will be required to transport on the spiral and turn rather than move in a long time to form the material hanging plot tree taken, leaving the machine screw is not working properly.

The operation of the machine spiral and maintenance are the following:

1, screw conveyors should be no load starting material of the chassis of the Starter only after starting to spiral power.
2, initial feeding screw conveyor should gradually increase the speed to reach the nominal capacity, overload device integrated training taken feeding must be uniform, otherwise easily lead to transport of materials, so that the machine as soon as possible the damage.
3,No charge from the requirements to ensure the conveyor screw before stopping the machine must stop feeding, and other handling after stop frame works.
4,Defendant the carriage of materials should not be mixed with hard chunks of material to avoid the spiral of map dead and damage the worm.
5, to use often show the work of screw machine parts, note each attachment is loose, if found spare parts, you must immediately tighten the screws, so tighten.
6, we must pay particular attention to the screw is loose spiral and join think, if this phenomenon should immediately stop the correction of.
7, the lid of the machine screw conveyor in the operation of the machine must not remove, so as to avoid accidents.
8, the abnormal phenomenon occurred screw conveyor should be checked and eliminated, and cannot be forced to operation.
9, mobile screw conveyor parts should always add oil.

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