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Silo of cement (position) products
Cement tank (position) is typically used in the storage of cement concrete station in bulk by mixing in bulk cement tank (position) is a closed bulk products storage tank, suitable for the storage of grain, cement, fly ash and other materials in bulk tank is equipped with a feed-bit systems, and be able to display the location and the amount of material, the hole in the device can be thrown deposited seeds too long. Tank of cement and the pump in a spiral with the use of the substances transported at various locations, the installation of the tank is convenient, safe and reliable for different mixing station ideal storage tank in bulk.


2013 Cement silo manufacturer

2013 Cement silo manufacturer


Cement tank (position) suitable for engineering and construction, commercial station in concrete silos of reserve for roads and bridges, cement in bulk, the conservation of water, urban construction and other projects. Waterproof, resistant to moisture, to prevent the leakage of cement, reduce the urban air pollution by dust, small footprint, long service life and low cost, is a national target of the current building to promote the use of the ring Tel: machines supporting the safety of the products.

Products auxiliary tank of cement. (Position) is generally used as concrete (floor).

Cement tank (position) appropriate for the load of cement in bulk and fly ash dry-rendering, with rain, moisture, easy to use functions: general 50 t, 100 t, 200T, 300T, 400T, 500t, and other specifications. Can also be produced depending on the size of the user’s needs.

Cement tank (position) is generally of cylindrical cage, dust collection equipment upper structure to prevent the escape of dust, the lower part is equipped with Breeze-vault to avoid the bulk dust powder discharge without a problem.

5 cement tanks (positions) usually blow the powder into positions in the cement truck in bulk.

Cement tank (warehouse) structure composed of

Cement tank (position) is a cylindrical structure, supported by four round tubular legs in the lower part of the body of the warehouse, the warehouse of whole structure all all-steel in the form of welding. top dust collectors and pressure relief valves. Tanks of cement (positions) of the following section: Parts Warehouse structures of steel, scale, railing, tube feeding, dust collector, a pressure relief valve, high and low level indicator, exhaust valves.
Cement tank (position) works

1, when the cement tank (position) by a specific construction and then crane in prefabricated concrete foundations and check the tank cement (position) erected after the vertical and horizontal level, and then firmly welded to the bottom of the built-in parts.
Secure storage silos, the transport of cement on the site by truck of cement in bulk, cement pipeline transport truck with cement (tank) silo and then feed through the cement truck tank gas pressure in bulk in the cement is transported to the cement tank (position).
To transport cement storage silos, press the operator of precipitation uninterrupted vibration motor and shake the cement attached to the dust collection bag to avoid explosion blocked warehouse bag occurs.

2013 Cement Tank Manufacturer2

2013 Cement Tank Manufacturer2

Once locked bag, the positions in the pressure is greater than the relief valve pressure pressure roof warehouse outlet compartment, the relief valve pressure safety to open to prevent the occurrence of the warehouse explosion accident.
5, the level of the position of material can be observed to the position full and Queliao.
6, when the discharge is necessary, the first to open the bottom of the cone of the valve manually, and then powered cement by cement-carrying device. In the discharge process in case of “pickup” phenomenon at the time wanted by pressing the button of the circuit breaker arc solenoid valve, blowing, which eliminates the “putting into bag” pet food, to ensure the supply of cement.
7, when the means of transport of failure of the cement, the first mode of unloading of the cone at the bottom of the valve to prevent waste overflow cement.
Cement tank (position) produced
1, I produced the storage silos in accordance with industry standards.
2, the head of 1.96 metres, 4.2 meters and can also be made according to the needs of used

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