Advantages of shaftless screw conveyor
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Advantages of shaftless screw conveyor
Body usually consists of conveyor screw conveyor spiral and out of the device, drive device consists of three parts. Screw machines are widely used in various industries such as construction materials, chemicals, electricity, metallurgy, food industry, screw machine operation and maintenance of the main requirements are:

No charges from 1, screw conveyor, which in the case when there is no evidence at first, begins to spiral feeding machine could not.
2, material must not be mixed with pieces of hard materials, avoiding damage caused by the spiral machine spiral of death.
When the first 3, spiral conveyor feeding should gradually increase the rate of delivery to reach the nominal transmission capacity, food should be even, otherwise easily lead product hardware, disk overload, damage to a start date and the machine whole.
4 spiral machine, ensuring no load starting requirements, feed conveyor must be stopped before it stops, handling in shell finite machine must be stopped.
5, regular review of the use of screw machine parts, note whether the binding is loose, if found loose parts, you need the captive screws, tighten them again.
6, should pay particular attention to the spiral tube and joined thinking between the screws loose, if this phenomenon should be stopped immediately to correct.
7 and transfer irregularities and should be checked by eliminating work force.
8, should be regularly lubricating moving parts.
9, the cover when the machine should not be removed to avoid accidents.

Screw conveyor has a simple structure, inexpensive, solid sealing operation, safe and convenient and so on. Widely used in chemical industry, construction materials, metallurgy, food and other departments. Applies to the powder transport horizontal or inclined, and small block granular materials such as coal fly ash, slag, cement, power, the temperature is below 200 degrees centigrade. Screw machines are not suitable for transporting perishable, large hydrogen viscous materials, easy. Concrete mixing plants, conveyors are the epitome of the largest.
Spiral transportation machine by machine ontology of transport and access equipment palate and composition of much of the three drive device; entity spiral spiral leaf surface with surface type spiral and spiral leaf surface three species form which leaves type spiral surfaces on lower demand, stick to main transport of the largest and sexual material compression can, this screw suspended with the process of work completed in the transport, and has finished on the mixing equipment and mixed function .
Screw conveyor is composed of closed tank and peripheral pipe spiral turns in the spiral on the production of coal in the tank.
Screw conveyors are divided into horizontal spiral conveyor equipment and two types of equipment vertical screw conveyor, used mainly for various loose materials such as powders, granules and small blocks of horizontal transport and vertical lift, the conveyor is not suitable for transporting perishable, easy caking or high temperature, pressure, viscous and corrosive materials are more special.

Screw conveyor to function properly as follows:
Total power switch, check the power of the unit is correctly powered and has led the power is. After the normal to the next step.
Closing the loop on the switch, make sure the normal. Equipment under normal conditions does not work, conveyor belt fires do not light, inverter power devices such as lights, inverter display panel displays correctly.
Workplace and send the material temperature should not exceed 50 ° c and less than-10 ° c. Should not transfer to the acidity of the oil and the composition of the organic solvent materials.
Accordance with the procedure then starts electrical equipment, electrical equipment for the last regular startup after the imminent departure of electrical equipment.
Conveyor-line links the port of discharge, from the order. After all normal operations in order to feed.
Prohibition of pedestrians or people on the belt.
Spiral conveyors run stopped, press the stop button at stops could not cut the main power.
Phenomenon of a shift in the belt is running, stop adjustment must reluctantly use to avoid worn edges and increase the load.
It is strictly forbidden when, using hands to pull the belt slips the belt to avoid accidents
Parking must be stopped before feeding, stock, handling of the belt to stop.
Conveyor motor should be well insulated. Moving conveyor cables do not pull and drag. Reliable grounding engines.
Warning to all categories of staff must not discuss the movement of the conveyor belt sections, we not professionals in contact with electrical components, control buttons and so on.

Shaftless spiral conveyor belt compared to traditional spiral axis, because of its design from the central axis, using the spiral steel with integral flexible push certain documents, which has the following unique advantages:
Winding resistance is strong. Any interference from the central axis, transport belt, winding equipment easy has a particular advantage.
Twisted high and low consumption. Because of the screw shaft, the material is not easy to connect, the width of the discharge opening is not blocked due to the low speed operation, smooth transmission, reduce consumption energy. Twisting moment to 4000N / m.
Good environmental performance. Surface transportation spiral full close and easy to clean, sent to ensure hygiene and equipment is not contaminated, does not leak.
Long distance transmission. Autonomous transport up to 60 meters long. And according to user needs, multi-step online installation, ultra long-distance transport of materials.
Mobile working. A versatile machine, either in the material and head.
Transport capacity. Transport capacity is the same diameter 1.5 times traditional conveyor spiral axis.
Compact, space saving, slim, easy, economical and sustainable.

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