Cement metering equipment (weighing)
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2013 new Cement metering

Cement metering

    The cement measuring (weighing) device using a pressure sensor measurement, the hopper next to a motor, the volume of the cement weight in silo cement weigh hopper is limited, have a supplementary material in the production process, the weighing sensor can not detect the rate of reduction of the cement weight in silo of the weighing hopper,  The system in the feeding process, the motor speed of the feed screw (impeller) is locked in the motor speed of the feed before that moment.

Measurement (weighing) equipment performance characteristics and parameters are as follows:

    1 The control system of the scales measuring system operation, debug mode and functions batching machine consistent. Distribution station, with a single mixer can.

    2 To prevent into cement and cement unloading the hopper pressure changes caused by measurement error, the cement weigher has a pressure relief vent. The cement weigher capacity at the same time satisfy the measurement of cement and fly ash accumulation 

    3 The water scale pump pressure unloading the water, a flushing effect in shorten unloading time to water tank. 

    4 Admixture discharge when first put into the the water hopper with water before mixing with the water discharged into the mixer. Avoid uniform phenomenon difficult to stir a small amount of admixture directly into the tank.