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May be the tank itself unreasonable design cement silo the vertebral body design angle will affect the material.
The arch breaker is not installed, the broken arch device in addition to the more secure, you can also play a smooth material.
Cleaned cement tank (how to patch concrete silos), under normal circumstances, making reasonable cement silo does not appear particularly slow cutting, if the above two reasons are excluded, that is likely to cement tank wall cleaned up clean up just fine.
Fourth, try to carve out the water vapor in the discharge port and air contact, we all know, cement tank is a sealed container, but the discharge port is often exposed to air, local moisture is too large, it is likely to cause the discharge port cement agglomeration, which affect the cutting speed, this should always check the timely processing.
Fifth, when the material is not smooth do not often beat the discharge port, check the reason should be timely shutdown. Avoid security incidents.

A discharge height.
A: First, this place used there will be differences, large tonnage cement silo discharge height should be as low as possible. Reduce production costs and equipment safety hazards.
Second, this cement tank and a large metal container.
A: Our design and production of cement silo are considered and can withstand the the materials pressure and loading and unloading pressure. Cement tanker cement silo, screw conveyor spout on the material under the material can be chained together.
GB or line marked.
A: this thing does not have faith in what GB line marked. GB is based on industry standards. The principles of quality and safety. We also focus. All cement tank required much material can withstand certain tonnage and pressure, these data has been calculated and the test of practice. Therefore, we can rest assured.
Large cement silo to find the Design Institute of the production side design?
A: If you have a design and drawings, we are only responsible for the by Drawing manufacture and installation. If there are no drawings, we can install the whole package from design to production.

Cement silo foundation(cement silo drawing) treatment and general maintenance of a week or so, depending on the local weather, be pointed out that 50 tons, 80 tons, 100 tons, 120 tons of cement silo foundation treatment process similar to this.

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