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Cement silo Electric dust collector is a new function on the basis of common precipitator of a new type of filter, electrostatic precipitator maintenance and dust collector in everyday use such as maintenance of the warehouse roof, cement tank, dust collector and there are some differences between . Let’s look at the routine maintenance of the electrostatic precipitator.Detection of the electrostatic precipitator pressure, in order to keep abreast of the flue gas temperature and pressure of the working conditions, the use of the equipment into export at the flue should be installed thermocouples and pressure gauges.Wire cathode, anode plate, distribution plate to give rise to fouling due to various reasons too thick, more than 5 ~ 10MM should be continuous rapping continuous rapping invalid, should be cut off high voltage carried rapping, such as power rapping is still The work should be artificial cleaning.Electric field external Rolling and rapping the drive structure Department should be lubricated on a regular basis.Each flange sealing coupling parts, especially the access door, explosion-proof valve and observe the door not have air leakage should be checked regularly.Zipper machine should always check the chain and transmission parts, incomplete injury of the parts should be repaired in time to replace, if shipped after some time, and found the chain loose, should remove sections of the chain tensioning device, or star wheel adjust the appropriate subject to the chain sag, zipper machine running smoothly, and lubrication on a regular basis.Lock air valve and the star feeder according to the specific circumstances, on a regular basis to the lubrication points and cam roller surface for grease, paying particular attention to whether the coordination of the various moving parts of the action, with or without dislocation, loss and loose, periodic inspection flap , impeller, liner and other wear and tear, such as damaged should be replaced.Electrostatic precipitator, when used, shall from time to time minor repairs include: check the cathode line is broken, the anode plate deformation, the cathode and anode suspension points off loosening. Check the distribution of the plate hole Clogging, the Sassafras wash insulating ceramic shaft to check for rapping hammer off, check the dust in the bearings and rapping gear the cathode incubator sealed felt the timely replacement of dust pollution. Replacement of damaged parts, measuring equipment grounding resistance.ESP after 1 repair a repair including the replacement of worn parts, straightening deformation of the anode and cathode lines, re-testing and adjustment of anode and cathode spacing, check the electrical control parts and do a thorough clean-up work. But does not allow the water to rinse the electric field plate, pole lines, only with dry cleaning sticky gray. The electrostatic precipitator shall be 2 years after overhaul time, overhaul, including replacement of corroded or damaged cathode ray anode plate and rapping parts, transmission parts, wear, wearing parts, the insulation layer.    Regardless of what products in daily use should pay attention to maintenance and maintenance, so as to better guarantee product quality to complete the task.

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