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Cement Silo Equipment

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Application of  cement silo
cement silo, rice silo, silo bags, The silos, silos, sheet silos, concrete mixing plant, asphalt mixing plant.It is suitable for storing bulk materials such as grains, cement, powder and fly ash. Material level system is installed in the tanks, which can show the position and quantity of the materials. The hole device can clear up hard materials from long sediment. The materials can be sent to all the positions with the combination of cement bin and screw conveyer pump. Easy installation with its characteristics of safety and reliability makes it an ideal cement bin for the concrete mixing plant.
Cement Silo Equipment

Cement Silo Equipment

We offer Complete Cement silos to clients, which is an economical method of cement storing and conveying system. The silo is made by using high quality Mild Steel material and is offered to clients in various capacities like 30 Metric ton to 200 Metric ton. We overlap each shell of the silo with next shell by 10 mm that provides it maximum strength as well as leak proof nature. Besides this we supply Air / Dust Filter, Compressor and Screw conveyor for cement silo on extra charges basis



Bulk Cement Silo,Cement Silo Manufacturer

Bulk Cement Silo,Cement Silo Manufacturer

Manufactured Technology of  Cement Silo
The parts of the cement silos are manufactured by special cutting and drilling technologies and they are implemented special surface cleaning procedure. The parts of the cement silos also are manufactured in sensitive production facilities with special equipments and they are painted with prime coating and final coating.
Bolted Type Cement Silo For Export Market
We has highly capacity in manufacturing of cement silos. Bolted type cement silos which are manufactured in different capacities, provide great advantages especially in transportation. For example, 2 units 100 tons bolted type cement silos can be transported by only 1 set 40HQ.
Application of Bulk cement silo
Bulk cement silo is an enclosed tank storage of bulk materials, suitable for storing grain, cement, fly ash and other bulk materials, the tank is equipped with a particle-bit systems, can show the location and number of materials, hole installation be relieved of materials caused by strong sediment for too long. L cement silo and screw pumps with full use be able to transport materials to various locations in the tank easy installation, safe and reliable, ideal for mixing all kinds of bulk storage tanks.

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Features of  multi-piece cement silo Bolted Type Cement Silo:

1.With different capacities:50T,100T,150T,200T,etc.
2.Customized sizing and layout to specific requirement
3.Sub-structure, easy transportation, installation fast, level display, with positive and negative regulator,Green filter
4.Put in bulk powder (cement or fly ash), waterproof and moisture, easy to use and reduce costs , the top of cement silo with green filter, used to reduce dust leakage.
5.Equipped with a safety valve at the top of cement silo, cement silo used to balance the pressure difference between inside and outside. Upper and lower parts of the cement silo is equipped with display materials, can monitor the number of cement materials warehouse. With gas in the lower part of broken cement storage devices, to ensure smooth unloading.
6.Cement silo is cylinder and supporting structure. The superior part has dust removing device to avoid leakage of dust; and the inferior part is equipped with arch breaker to avoid powder caking and make discharging smooth, and bin level sensing device to master usage of material in the bin at any time.
7.Cement bin generally adopts bulk cement conveying truck to send powder in the bin by pneumatic conveying; according different structures of cement bin, there are two kinds of discharging: the first is the inferior part is connected with screw conveyer and screw conveyer send powders into powder measure; the second is to adopt pneumatic conveying (to special cement bin).
Bolted type cement silos

Bolted type cement silos

Individual part of Concrete mixing plant
sheet cement silo are on storage of bulk cement, fly ash, and other things mixed agent powder special equipment, and is a kind of supplementary equipment of the concrete mixing station, mixing station buildings and roadbed materials.
It mainly has the following characteristics:
      Dust device in the release of cabin pressure, can automatically vibrate motor dust and prevent environmental pollution.  The broken arch device solves the problem of the previous cement silo no less than cement by the broken arch box breaking the powder away.Users can see clearly the location of the powder through the position controller of the upper and lower fee.
Triple reliable seal protection
1. The compaction degree of special sealing strip is from 5 mm to 1 mm. The strong elasticity effect fill in the full of all possible apertures after the screw bolts are fasten. It can withstand 200 degree heat. Even in the field environment, it can maintain long-term sealing effectiveness.
2. It will leave some tiny gap after compacting the special sealing strips. However, our silo has the clever design which has the perfect sealing affection: when the materials are input to the silo for the first time, the fine dust of material will automatic drill into the gap.The liquid glue is placed outside the special sealing strip, it will extend the service life of the article seal and prevent long time moisture infiltration in the rainy season.
Data calculated by TJU (Tongji University)
All the data of silos is provided by TJU, it considers strength of silo, resistance coefficient of the typhoon and bending resistance coefficient.
Super fast production delivery method
1. The silo is in standard modular manufacture and can be freely separated or combined. The product is in reasonable design and easy adjustment. The short production cycle can be shortened the delivery cycle.
2. All the manufacturing process are in our factory, so the installation time on the construction site is brief. You just need to assemble the parts of silos. All the silos have to be test before we send them to customers. On this occasion, there is no need to worry about the holes no aligned.
Oriental Construction  manufacture the cement silo which is equipped with automatic dust removal, automatic broken arch and the upper and lower level control instrument and other facilities. Dust removal device in the release of cabin pressure, vibrator can automatically vibrating motor dust, preventing environmental pollution.

The broken arch device solves the problem of the previous cement silo no less than cement by the broken arch box breaking the powder away.Users can see clearly the location of the powder through the position controller of the upper and lower feed.

China Cement silo prices

Our cement quality product price warehouse under the premise of the average market price is still in the following Welcome the inquiry

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The Main Parameters of 100ton Cement silo

Serial number

Model and size


of layers

 Leg distance(mm) Theoretical
capacity (M3)
1 50T 3100 3 2020 40.67
2 60T 3100 4 2020 52.13
3 100T 3100 7 2020 86.52
4 150T 3300/3800 6/8 2180/2570 111.74/114.96
5 200T 4500 6 3010 164.27
6 300T 5000 7 3290 234.85
7 400T 5700 8 2640 348.14
8 500T 6500 8 3015 458.36
9 800T 8000 8 3660 700
Model Tanker Diameter Tanker Total Height Matched mixer Matched screw conveyor
20Ton 2.2m 5.7m JDC350 LSY163
30Ton 2.4m 7m JDC350 LSY163
40Ton 2.6m 7.6m JDC350 LSY163
50Ton 3m 7.6m JS500 LSY180
80Ton 3m 11m JS750 LSY180
100Ton 3m 12.5m JS1000 LSY230
150Ton 3m 16.5m JS1000 LSY230
200Ton 4.5m 19m JS1500 LSY230
300Ton 5.5m 21.3m JS2000 LSY230
Model OC25 OC35 OC50 OC60 OC75 OC90 OC120 OC150
Capacity (m 3 /h) 25 35 50 60 75 90 120 150
Aggregate Feeding Skip Skip Skip Belt Conveyor Skip Belt Conveyor Belt Conveyor Belt Conveyor
Aggregate Size(mm) 60/80 60/80 60/80 Less 60/80 60/80 Less 60/80 Less 60/80 Less 60/80
Discharging Height(mm) 3800 3800 3800 3800 3800 3800 3800 3800
Mixing System JS500 JS750 JS1000 JS1000 JS1500 JS1500 JS2000 JS3000
Aggregate System P800 P1200 P1600 P2400 P2400 P2400 P3200 P4800
Cement System 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
Water System 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
Control System 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

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Cement Silo fittings

Detaile products specification:

Bolted type for easy to transport
Include silo fiter,indicate level,steel ladder etc
A 40HC Container contains 2sets 100ton

cement silo level indicator1. cement silo level indicator

Cement level indicator is a limit value indicator that is used to check the cement filling volume in the cement silo.

This indicator is used to determine the maximum and minumum level of the cement in the cement silo by using of rotary motion.

When the cement amount in the cement silo reaches the turning pedal of the indicator, there occures a signal shows that the cement amount has reached to that level. When the cement amount goes down under the indicator level, the turning pedal starts to move again and thus the other units of the system start to move too. Cement level indicators usually are used to determine filling level of the material which has 0,5-2,0 ton/m³ density in the cement silo and mostly they are assembled on bottom and top parts of the cement silo.

high pressure safety valve2. high pressure safety valve

High pressure cement safety valves are used the discharge the high pressure in the cement silo. Those valves start to run when the pressure value reaches the pre-set pressure limit value.

Those valves are the equipments that keeps the pressure in the cement silo in desired values and prevent the cement silo filter from breaking down.

The cement is transferred from silobus to cement silo with high pressure. In case there is no cement in the silobus, only the air is transferred into the cement silo and thus there occures high pressure in the cement silo. At this moment if high pressure safety valves do not start to run , the cement silo and the cement silo filter can be damaged seriously.

cement silo screw3. cement silo screw

The Cement Screw conveyor are used to transfer the cement from big bags and bags to cement silo and cement batchers. Cement screws are manufactured by Oriental in different capacities and diameters by using latest technology. Oriental manufactures 2 different type of cement silos according to application ; cylindrical type and semi-open type. Oriental cement screws are drived by planetary type gearbox and appropriate engine. Oriental cement screws which have galvanized maintenance covers and special intermediate bearings, also are equipped with central lubrication system. This system is designed to provide operating convenience to our customers and is implemented in all Oriental cement screws as standart. Oriental cement screws are manufactured at Ø114, Ø165, Ø219, Ø273 ve Ø323 diameters.Semi-open type cement screws are specially designed to use in Oriental MOBILE MASTER-60 mobile concrete batching plants.

cement silo wam filter4. cement silo wam filter

Cement Silo Filter System is a cylindrically shaped dust collector for venting of pneumatically filled silos. The stainless steel body contains vertically mounted, filter elements. The air jet cleaning system is integrated in the hinged weather protection cover. Filter has Compact 800mm (30in) diameter 304 stainless steel body with bottom flange, 24.5m2 (264 sq ft) filter surface, High filtration efficiency due to filtering elements, Low dust emission level due to B.I.A.-certified filter media, Maintenance-free air jet cleaning unit integrated inside weather protection cover;
• Safe weather protection cover with lockable snap hook;
• No tools required for filtering element removal;
• Robust design;
• Perfectly accessible due to compact design;
• Complete replacement of filter media by only one person within a few minu

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After-Sale Service:
1. Erection and Commissioning
2. Operator Training
3. Spare Parts Supply
Warranty Terms: More than 12 months
Delivery Time: 30~50 days after receiving advanced payment.

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