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Characteristics of the cement silo Top Dust Collector
Now, in a series of large machines and equipment found in a variety of filters, Dust Collector in accordance with its composed of many species that produced our factory mainly cement silo top vacuum cleaners, dust, powder mixing station valves and other products so that all our products meet national standards of factory production, cement silo Top Dust Collector has the following features:
Easy installation and maintenance.
13-72 sqm filtering.
Most important raw materials imported Germany.
Vibration cleaning, ease of use.
Cartridge filters, the use of imported materials.
Moderate performance-price ratio.
Cement Silo Top Dust Collector selection
Cement Silo Top Dust Collector is a commonly used in cement, metallurgy, building materials, machinery, chemicals in the processing away from a dust equipment, dust from users who know the time of purchase about product performance, thus selected, their products, let us fit into a view of the optional dust praise effectively, will be held.
Adhesion of dust: dust and surface adhesion mechanism and the specific surface area of ​​dust and moisture. Smaller of the dust grain size d, specific surface area of ​​greater water content, the greater is his responsibility even greater.
Gas dust concentration: General, imports more large concentrations of fine dust efficiency more highly, but so is increased export with concentration of dust, so wash only dust efficiency jobs general dust processing effect on text dust vacuum tube collector and wet type Dust Collector suitable for initial concentration of dust with a 10 G / m following; on bag type dust collector exhaust, jet wash machine think well with low concentration, except in the performance of more good, can not at high initial concentration Shi dust. Continuous cleaning, pressure loss and emission levels are also able to meet the requirements of environmental protection.
Density and distribution of the dust: dust dispersion on performance of dust collector is a powerful and scattering of dust due to the same operating conditions are different, there are differences. Therefore, if you is select a filter, the first the certainty of the dispersion of dust. The size of Micron, use, electrostatic precipitators, bag.
Dust resistivity: electrostatic precipitator dust resistance at 104 ~ 10n ω · cm range. Dust resistivity of dust-gas from several major changes in temperature, humidity, on the same dust, between the 100 ~ 200 ℃ as the maximum resistance value, and if the plum dust-containing gas and extinguished the reduction of resistance. Therefore, if you choose ESP, to overcome the resistance of the advance as dust, gas and dust full attention, the dusty gas Temperature adaptation of nature to choose.
Gas volume: is choose the filter size is a decisive factor for gas, air, select the level of atmospheric dust can be treated, what kind of dust collector for small volume compared to most economic and best meet the source of the dust control dust emissions and environmental protection requirements.
Properly master the basic properties of the Dust Collector is not just for everyday use, and at the time of purchase can offer products that fit according to your environment, select the most appropriate use of cement silo-Top Dust Collector can be selected .

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