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Cement silo top dust collector, dust collector, mixing station warehouse roof dust collector, library top dust collector also known as the warehouse roof. With the increase of the national large-scale infrastructure construction, a large demand for concrete, concrete production machinery – mixing plant has been an unprecedented development and matures. Mixing station dust pollution treatment and control is still plagued by the problem of many machinery manufacturers. Many mixing station because the dust emission standards to be the punishment of the environmental protection department. Concrete mixing station equipment in the cement silo dust collector installed necessity is mainly reflected in the economic value and environmental value. The following two aspects of this specific description:
An economic value:
Is well known, along with economic development, state the price of water is also in constant price adjustments, the recent price of 430 yuan / ton. A tank in a state not a member of the precipitator of the warehouse roof, in accordance with 100 kg of fly ash every day calculations. Accordance with the prevailing cement prices, the price of 0.43 yuan per kilogram, a waste of resources of $ 43 per day 365 days is probably a waste of 15,695 yuan a year. If you have ten mixing station, then your annual savings of at least 200,000 yuan. If you install the warehouse roof dust collector, an annual saving of a lot of costs. Therefore, installation, warehouse roof dust collector is necessary.
Second, the environmental value
With economic development, the state has increased the intensity of environmental protection, pollution of the environment, punishment is great. As we all know we only have one Earth, and perhaps more resources for an enterprise does not matter but in order to ensure our sustainable development, environmental protection must be mentioned before our eyes. This is the benefit of the community, the top priority to improve the living environment.
In summary, the cement silo top dust collector is we must be equipped with devices, not only can save money and protect the environment, but also improve the working environment of workers, reduce the incidence of occupational diseases.