Cold winter how to use the cement silo
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Cold winter how to use the cement silo
The cold winter is coming, cement silos body of the method for the protection varies with the seasons, how different and how reasonable protection of the masses, cement silos, we simple presentation.

Are loose cement silo mixing plant and needs that some users mix If you train station, were in another place, loose cement silo was torn down and needed to be torn down, we’ll ease disassembly method of bulk cement silo.
Bulk cement silo cartridge and compare great comparison difficult, demolition, has difficulties must, therefore, demolition Qian good all the extras, Zugriffsr. Eliminate hidden, must check Split Shi loose cement cartridge of the order does not need to have more people, has one or two staff a command-line Shi, has shared has, the steps, in accordance with dust collector -> Hose Cartridge -> pipe Cartridge-based order of the lower body support for demolition, demolition of some dust-collectors relatively easy as long as the distance to the nut, welding has removed parts tube cartridge can not stop so easily, needs to raise, Qian user must lift overhanging Left ear is reliable check Hou is in the cartridge tube hanging ear Shang prison suppository route directly into the calculation of Shi demolition crane and pipe distance and height must Zhijian cartridge wire, Hou hang on the top and bottom can be connected to the screw turn down, at least you will loose cement pipe cartridge cartridge lower body support basic outline! Demolition work above, bulk cement silos below!
After demolition of the proposed maintenance and cleaning of loose cement silos, conservation work, this might be a bit longer.
Have in large cement silo in the concrete mixing plants are generally more than six, even ten or so, cement silo volumes are usually very large, and so many, so you want to have a professional management is a must, we simply give the user some information on management methods.
First, management must be united, and need to develop a system on how the codes are strict requirements, in particular, the operator has to make a security measure, the best. Management must more cement cartridge has a professional management is responsible for personnel management is responsible for the staff to reasonable regulations of any one employee of the individual work tasks, and staff crossing work Shi to strictly work to offer during the work situation staff more telling Xia a Hou to the left; for maintenance personnel must be planned quantitative study of well cement cartridge will simply local, in time found and solve the debt, if you entered cement cartridge inside must be tested according to staffing needs Hou, in approved Again, if every member of staff of the operations specification.
Cement silo can be packed cement that may do in the first place with bone cement powder, the materials of the cement silos, such as fly ash, limestone powder can be installed. There are many user questions, we can for the loading of grain such as wheat, corn, which can be safely packed, but it’s probably a user to use a lot of trouble, keep in mind that there are many places, is not so easy to install bone cement powder . When asked why users load of grain and other materials will be much in trouble? Because the material is granular materials such as food, large and small, and cement silo unloader port and pipeline limited scope complains that promote material, granules or not observed when the load is that it is easy to cause the discharge or delivery, easy to fail.
Winter weather is dry and cold compared, so that masses of cement cartridge is not generally easy to rust, so that rust out heating element can be less work to do is dry because of the comparison, cartridge body material and the weather was not just wet, relative, material sticking which may be on was reduced so that user can transport material in Shi without concern material is very wet, as long as in transportation Shi does not contain water in line has. Windy winter has a slightly larger functions and the wind is large compared, cement-free cartridge is relative is a comparison of high shell, so users often need to check all the support leg, see welding department is firm and good support leg protection, not only so also check other parts welding department is often fixed, check with left nut too often, the nut is loose, if immediately sealed solid loose parts.
These are the winter to protect masses cement silos, where it is needed most attention, is that you want to bulk copy cement silo on a cold winter, you can better serve you.