Electric dust collector maintenance problems
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Electric dust collector maintenance problems

Electric cutters are generally new functions on the basis of a new type of collector dust filter, ESP If daily maintenance and ordinary cement dust as fuel cartridge dust collector maintenance, there are differences. Next, we consider routine maintenance ESP.
Detection of pressure, ESP for flue gas temperature and pressure conditions, should keep the device during use, import and export of the Flue to be installed thermocouples and pressure gauges.
Distribution line of the cathode and anode plate, plate, the pollution is too thick for a variety of reasons, more than 5 ~ 10 mm, continuous vibration, such as continuous vibration vibration invalid, should be cut off at high voltage switch, vibration work in time for manual cleaning should be performed.
Electric field outside the structure of the rolling bearing and vibration transmission oil lubrication on a regular basis.
May blue tight-fitting parts, particularly the access door, and observations at the door, there is no leakage phenomenon of the explosion protection valve should be checked regularly.
Zippers should always check the chain and drive parts when repairing incomplete injury of parts replacement in a timely manner, if after a certain time, chain-free place, remove parts of the chain or star wheel clamp adjustment, subject to the appropriate chain of SAG, which guarantee the zipper machine runs smoothly and regular oil lubrication.
Lock wind valve depending on the circumstances and star feeder, regular lubrication and cam, roller surface for grease, coordination of special attention, whether the action of moving parts, there is no dislocation, loss and loose, check the trigger on a regular basis, impellers , food and other easy to wear, damage should be replaced in time.
When used in electrostatic precipitators, including occasional repairs: Check for broken cathode ray tubes, anode plate deformation, hanging in front of loosening of yin and yang. Check the distributor hole for constipation, SCRUB insulating ceramic shaft and check for vibration hammers are made to check the bearing dust and vibration transmission, thermal insulation in the device cathode sealing mats are replaced in a timely manner due to dust exposure. Replace the damaged parts, equipment grounding resistance measurement.
Electrostatic Precipitator Maintenance 1 after 1 year of use, including the replacement of wearing parts, straighten and deformation of the anode and cathode-ray, test again and adjust the distance between cathode and anode to check the electronic components and the clean work. But irrigation in the electric field plates, gray line is not permitted, use only dry cleaning viscosity. ESP should overtake one share after 2 years of use, overhaul included replacement of corroded or damaged line of the cathode and anode plate and the vibrating bear transmission parts, wear parts, insulation, etc..
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