How do the Foundation should be the most sensible of the cement tank
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How do the Foundation should be the most sensible of the cement tank

Cement foundation reduces the protection of fixed cement tanks of the tank to prevent cementtank, well Foundation is a good first step in cement tank installation, foundation guaranteeingthe back of the program to be successful if you respect the foundation built for so few Things to consider.
1. Building on the Foundation, has the floor map, in the manufacture of the Foundation, in conjunction with the cement tank height, weight, height of the legs making foundation, depth of the foundation not only in connection with the cement of the tank itself, in conjunction with the environment, natural climate make in conjunction with the eighth Foundation;
2. the date of establishment of the foundation must be created with the foundation in strict accordance with professionals;
3. Building the Foundation staff may not change the foundation, where you can feel inadequatefoundation meets;
4. The construction of the foundation should not look for a rainy construction;
5. If the construction of good soil map, rainy weather when cement tank installation, do notinstall cement tank, in clear weather, such as installation, installation to check for security, backon the base during the period;
6th Preparation for when it is finished is possible to install cement tank.

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