How to deal with an accident repair the cement silo
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How to deal with an accident repair the cement silo
Cement silo maintenance must be done to verify good security, security equipment to care, a security tool violation is to be replaced, this is before the repair of the most important steps in the cement silo, but if someone falls, what to do with :

1. gain over time, as the time is the most important of these incidents;
2. Cement silos must immediately came the scene and the scene, head of the maintenance work to the wounded from the stretcher to the nearest medical facility;
3. in the process of sending, emergency measures such as bleeding and wounded, brief description of the injuries to medical facilities; to do after the accident, your research, you want to know why injured accident, looking for a way to prevent accidents, and then collect information to other employees to avoid other people preventive work, the next occurrence of similar accidents.
Cement warehouse staff, all sitting on the work you want to put the safety first, do a good job security!
Management of cement cement silo storage personnel are very familiar with, cement silo has a sure knows how to solve the problem, but very few people understand health, we now have some first-aid measures.
To cement silo requires regular maintenance, for instance, am above doing some maintenance or repair some equipment to remove dust, there is a security risk, we sat in this work safely, but will avoid, if we are to learn that some knowledge of first aid, first aid skills, especially fall.

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