How to maintain the baghouse and maintenance points
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Second, power

1, note that the fan start (automatic fuse is easy to fuse, to avoid the stand-alone run the motor burned)

Electric power switch must be relay

3, strict compliance with electrical wiring methods specified by the manufacturer

4, the management staff of the power switch is relatively stable

(3), vacuum cleaners

One, pay attention to corrosion, wear and tear

2, to prevent the installation location of the mobile

3, pay attention to the links section to fall off

4, can not unplanned increase in exhaust port

5, the correct use of the valve to avoid the valve is closed tight, so the fan to reduce

6, the rigorous operator cigarette scraps of paper casually thrown into a hood.

4, pipe

1, note that part off and corrosion of the pipeline link, perforated

2 could not be increased manifold

3, note that the bracket firmly

4, on a regular basis to check whether the fouling in the pipeline

Five, dust collector

A dust collector cleaning system, must be provided on a regular basis to clear the dust

2, when dealing with high-temperature gas to prevent condensation due to cooling

3, the outlet of the dust, check the door to be securely sealed

4, the proper management of equipment, accessories

5, according to the usage and the bag material on a regular basis to replace the filter bag

Six, the ventilator

1, note that the abnormal vibration sound (blade bonding dust should be promptly removed)

2, leaf damage, should be replaced impeller

3, check the tightness of the belt

4, to correct the skew of the belt cover, dislocation

5, the bearing parts of the regular fuel, and damage to the timely replacement of

Seven other

An open parts should be every 1-2 years, brush anti-rust paint

2, the water should be anti-freeze

3, flammable gas is pumped into the vacuum hood should put up “No Smoking” sign

Should take appropriate measures to prevent the grinding operation sparks into the dust collector system

5, combustible dust explosion-proof measures should be taken

6, a large filter system should be anti-static measures

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