Improvement program of the screw conveyor auger connection
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Improvement program of the screw conveyor auger connection

Improvement of the spiral conveyor Dragon twisted links:
Screw conveyors, known collectively as the “spiral”. Drills to use, often twisted links, twisted, not Dragon Bolt, Dragon Auger works. Twisted Dragon bolt connections of less than six years was, at times interrupted less than 3 months. And this twisted Dragon shortcuts when accessing care difficult.
Structure of Twisted Dragon joins first twisted section of the dragon, and a shortcut through the middle of the section is twisted Dragon tile link shortcut on the bearing shaft with screw-hang together.
Stress analysis of:
Twisted Dragon screw connections, 2, subject to their own tightening bias; second rotation of the Dragon twisted torque, thrust force on the screw. There are two screws material: a sheet of A3 steel, the second is 45 steel.
A3 steel screws of the allowable stress of the shear stress is smaller than the screw, natural lightning can be cut.
45 fastener steel materials of the allowable voltage is greater than the shear stress of the screws, the screw is not easy to break.

Bolt preload and tightening torque moments of the relatives, but the maximum value will be less than 55449.1 Newton, otherwise screw deformation, for example, stretch, stretch, or web, bolts with a sharp decline in life expectancy. Bias is not enough, the two flanges of the departure from the other.
Above all, the spiral at the time of start, stop and vice versa, this film is more intense. Results of this film causes to loosen the screw, turn screw holes and wear long Falan, sanding and grinding hole growth, screw was fine. And three holes, pins wear line is impossible, led to three non-uniform bolt load. Finally leads to breakage of the screws.
Improvement measures:
From the above analysis, we can see, the screw fracture was mainly to three bolts of violence has not handed over to the spiral, when twisted version Dragon Torque shear fracture. The program of improvement is the only bolt preload and torsional moment of the shearing effect. Torque twist long Falan notch and join on axis convex Pass
The second is to improve the program, cancel the twisted joins Dragon screw into a convex structure of the tongue and bolted into position. Torque completely passed by the studs, threaded, positioning.
Screw Conveyor for powder delivery device and rationing system form a powder with the powder material rationing device completely mixed powder ratio and placement, advantages and disadvantages of the device performance directly affects the operational status of all equipment and powder degree of accuracy.
Is slim due to the tube axis, due to weight, the deflection, the larger and shell and tube axis deformation during transport, lift and spiral and axial thermal deformation during the welding process to debug screw conveyor assembly and the process is extremely sensitive to friction or resistance the blade and bowl. Usual, the elimination of this phenomenon in spiral and axial weld after the completion of the cylindrical spiral contact is sound, causing the small diameter of the outer blade load of shells, not guarantee proper handling. Another method is at the outer edges of the leaf color and try to re-heated in accordance with the relevant parts of the blades for wear on the shell, bakers eliminate the friction with the cool shrinkage or deformation resistance card phenomenon, which is repeated coloring books, Dismantling, bakery and observation that assembly productivity.
Since this method does not really solve the problems in the assembly, coupled with progress in the powder materials continued to be produced with the axial deformation, the spiral blade and shell weight and friction or resistance, affecting production. Two types of measures to improve the structure proposed for this purpose.
First Center of the centering ring support device
Centering ring support unit is in the middle and longer than the original shell spiral and axial cut into two segments, fitted in the cut-off of the centering axial rings, bearings and seals, forms the center bearing for axially. By coupling the two axial joins them, and are the two axial blade attached, his task is to overcome and impact on the setting unit leaf powder caused by broken local accumulation of powder. Shell fitted with flanges to the main shell link is just after the cut-off. Effective distance ring to adjust the distance between the two centering, centering on two Shell, to ensure adequate control of coaxial. This slows down the difficulty of the auger assembly.
Second centering adjustable support device
This structure forms the shell as a whole, only opened a window on the shell and take possession of, access to the disk and the cover seals. Tube axially-two pieces, with a shaft in the axis of the tube via two screws and incorporate it as a whole. The bearing, u-bolts and components such as bearings can support axial loads on the cover. At work once saw blade bevel friction with the shell, through the center of the u-bolts, blade, screw conveyors, the work needs to adapt.
In general, the centering ring structure, on the smaller diameter axially of the screw conveyor, adjustable centering support structure for greater axial diameter and shell on the u-shape of the screw conveyor. Due to fluctuations in the manufacturing and assembly process can be selected according to specific manufacturer.

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