Improving the screw conveyor seals information
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Improving the screw conveyor seals information
Screw conveyor between the various processes to meet material transfer equipment must meet the following requirements:
(1) Material handling perform material handling, stability and speed to the appropriate requirements;
(2) no leaves and sprinkle in the transport of materials, fly, etc.. For the above requirements and having regard to the material properties of material transport between the various processes are a screw conveyor. The most important advantages of screw conveyors is that a relatively simple structure, compact, cross small, safe and convenient operation, easy maintenance and low manufacturing costs, closed container, easy to carry and easy to fly materials, reduction of environmental pollution, can be anywhere in between Charging and discharging, or loading and unloading. Annual output 5000t workshop, equipped with dozens of different spiral conveyors, screw conveyors and work performance of its maintenance and working closely with the smooth flow of production.
With regard to the application in the manufacture of screw conveyors more repair and maintenance of spiral conveyors are also eliminated much of the maintenance of the equipment.Found under a long time with the maintenance records spiral transportation machine for use in general, there is a problem, axle and bearing seal seat action is bad, leave fine powder often Shun axis and entered the bearing housing, bearing damage, led to the maintenance often cause-effect device stability, under that seal causes bearing damage done and produced a total volume accounted for the maintenance servicing volume of 90% above that causes so managed to spiral solution of the transport plane bearing seal problem is less maintenance workload, transport aircraft spiral stability lead to improved efficiency of the key.
Improve the seal structure
It consists of a spiral conveyor spiral with the spiral tube and bearing hinges, and so equipped.End of the threaded spindle bearings and top-mounted on the bearing into the housing at each end of the barrel, one end of the driver installation phase and the axis. Open, and barrel to the socket. Spiral conveyors, horizontal and inclined transport of materials, supplies and ready mix, mix and cool operation.
When convey powder materials, due to the properties of powder materials makes it vulnerable to infiltration along the axis of rotation in the housing and bearing damage caused, so focused on design bearing base sealing problems.
Dual sealed road between the spindle and bearing oil seal. Prevent oil seals fines on the left side of the housing is sealed to prevent grease along the axis of the bearing to the right into the barrel and contaminated material. Rotary Lip Seals, oil-sealed, in the Free State, oil seal diameter smaller than the diameter of the shaft, a certain amount of interference. After oil package on the shaft, the cutting force of contraction of the spring pressure and close some radial shaft sealing ring holding power, travel leakage gap to achieve the purpose of sealing.Higher the speed of the rotating shaft, oil seal on the shaft friction is greater, the higher the temperature rise and less oil seal life.
Oil seal oil seal seat design to ensure seat hole coaxial with the axis of rotation, while oil seal lip radio interference on the rotating shaft. But in the actual operation of the device, because the oil seal failure caused powder in the warehouse and storage damage caused is still very common.Seal of the common errors are:

(1) poor oil seals, and
(2) arm assembly, and
(3) wear lip
(4) oil seal lip softening, cracking swelling or induration, and
(5) rubber is aging,
(6) wrong axis surface roughness and surface hardness (above HRC40), and so on. Because of the oil-seal failure for a variety of reasons, the above structure once a seal failure must be immediately, if not found and replaced in a timely manner, you will inevitably damage bearings.
Media increase the housing density structure of the package still retains the original shaft housing structures. Sealed packing gaskets, packing, and joins the wall, flooring, bolts and other components. Connected to the wall with the seal has a square hole, the bolt clamping force equivalent. Improved structure of the bearings are double sealed protection, at the same time increase the packing seals for maintenance is easy, if for a period of time, because of loose wear and leakage phenomenon, simply use the wrench tighten screw, promoting cap tighten tight packing packaging. If abnormal leakage at packing powder and dismissed from the square hole on the cylinder wall, the cabinets will not enter into. Oil seal in the housing also play another role. If you replace the packaging, have no need to remove the housing, as long as the cover is released, will be in a sealed package then cover tightly, operation is easy and convenient to take less time. This improves sealed structure eliminates the powder in the camp may significantly improve the service life and reduces maintenance costs by replacing the bearings.

(1) in addition to those features of the powder materials plant gum, Workshop of the other device also helps seal problems, such as shutting down air and homogenizing tank. Improve the seal intended structure of a design to the above equipment, we have applied this approach to improve the closed structure of the wind, in comparison with spiral conveyors, close-air-bearing damage caused by leakage of the possibility of more, after it improved, new close-air-bearing was almost no damage due to powder, good sealing effect.

(2) Powder material spiral transportation machine structure is improved in full as a spiral transportation machine, the working status of the Foundation Shang, summary appears past the design experience and current work process in the problem and balance may be operating is sexual and run after the actual that improved program efficiency good, simple, basic solution Yiqian has bad effect, bearing seal damage serious problem can workshop full of spiral transportation machine Shang implementation.

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