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First, an overview  of level indicating concrete silo
UL instrument, opening hopper and sealed silo powdered, granular, massive material detection, alarm and control. The long-term operation of the steel, refractory, cement, rubber, chemical fiber, electric power industry, to obtain the desired effect has been widely used in industrial production.
UL instrument is a mechanical instrument, simple structure, high temperature, dust, impact resistance, and no complicated electrical wiring, control and reliable long-term operation.
Second, the principle of level indicating concrete silo
UL type level meter using the swing drive system. Detection plate is blocked, the spindle blocked and stationary, the motor continues to run, trip to trip, resulting in the switching action to cut off electrical power to the motor to stop working, issue level signal.
Inspection board when the level decreased resistance disappears, release the reset, the motor back to work, the issue level signals, the instrument in the detection state. Level slow-changing situations, the installation of timers on the instrument, the detection of the instrument in intermittent work status, this can reduce power consumption and wear and prolong the life of the instrument.
Third, the scope of application of level indicating concrete silo

Electric power industry: coal, pulverized coal dust;
Iron and steel industry: metal powder particles, ball, ore, coke;
The construction industry: cement, lime, clay, gravel, gypsum;
Of light industry: salt, tobacco, wood chips, fertilizer, carbon black;
Plastics industry: plastic pelletizing, plastic ball, bakelite powder, plastic powder;
Food processing industry: rice, wheat, beans, sugar;
The pharmaceutical industry: drugs, pills, pills, drug Fen;
Food industry: milk powder, sugar, candy, cookies.

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