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Management of cement in tanks cement silo
Cement silos bulk tank is a watertight storage of bulk materials, suitable for storage of various bulk materials such as grain, cement, fly ash tank is equipped with a system level, where the display hardware, and how , hole device can unload the material deposited for too long because of the strong. Cement silos and spiral pump use in various locations, handling, the tank is easy to install, secure and reliable mixing station is ideal for bulk storage tanks.

Warning mixer checks before operation projects must meet the following requirements:

1, rate of change of power supply voltage does not exceed the nominal value of 5%;
2, motor and wiring protection firm, electrical components, Earth resistance is zero or in the order;
3, the transmission mechanism, working instruments, brakes and reliable fastening and other open gear, pulley, etc.. are the Shield;
4 transmission oil, gear, the oil is in order.
5, you must first start the mixer only load operation. Should confirm the mixing tube or blade rotation consistent with the direction arrow marked on the cylinder. Flip-out mixers, mixing drum, reverse, must be running for a few minutes and should be no tremor of shock and noise is abnormal.
6, hopper lifting test must be performed, shall observe and confirm the clutch, brake, flexible and reliable.
7 shows the water supply systems, water must be checked and corrected and the real substance of the water when the error is greater than 2%,
8, the pipe should be checked for leaks, or correct the butterfly.
9, the overall size should be checked and should be compatible with the mixer, except that the scope of the license should not be used.
Cement silos, cement tanks managed to:
Cement silos, reservoir management fine cement should reflect the principle of systemic lupus.Management system complexity, requirements and overall dynamic and open and at the point of view reflects management system: set global views, management activities and results see major transportation mix overall function of the game situation and indeed pouring Overall, the whole task of concrete considered for well recently and and labor plan; value dynamic views, actual production site combination, understanding the needs of cement and raw power law, for system analysis and decision and select and implement, all open views, complete, can be considered external environment on the production of concrete brings the effect, properly handle relations between the external environment and the system internal management, set the display of the hierarchy, establishing clear roles and flowing chain of information and coordination of effective organizational structure, can maximize the tube.

Fine cement silo management should reflect the principle of scientific innovation. Innovation and adapt to the characteristics of the time, calls the situation of their own needs of management methods, management economies of mining deeper and the potential for reducing consumption, continue to inspire innovation in the production and the vitality of technology, motivate employees to pause and suggestions offered.
As industry ready mixed concrete national and rapid development of the leasing business machines construction, expansion of the construction of the scale and scope, driving a cement mixer and cement silos, rapid development of machines construction, concrete mixing station space market has been further expanded.

Improve the performance of energy saving and environmental protection is also a big trend, cooling air is gradually replacing the cooled water, energy conservation standards for engines, and energy leading the trend of development of the station concrete mix. In recent years, Chinese concrete machinery, equipment exports have been large changes in the market, construction company manufacturing export production continued rapid growth in China and customer support, reliability and quality of export product is also rising. As Chinese exports have been accepted by the emerging markets, production companies are expected to penetrate the foreign markets more strongly desire.

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