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Metal silo cement silos manufacturers in China :

Cement silo manufacturers

Cement silo manufacturers

We can fabricate cement silo supply Capacity: 30T,50T, 60T,100T, 150T, 200T, 250T, 300T, 400T, 500T, 600T, 700T, 800T, 900T, 1000T, 1500T, 2000T, 3000T, etc.
We can fabricate cement silo supply For cement silos 50T or under, we recommend non-detachable welded type becasue they can be loaded into 40 feet container.
We can fabricate cement silo supply For cement silios above 50T, we recommend detachable bolted type due to its advantage of money-saving during transportation.
Made of Q235 steel,Lower cost of the silo foundation, bolted easy to install, move and maintain.

Metal silo cement silos manufacturers:
1. Bolted cement storage is general used as supported product of concrete mixing station.
2. Cement Tank is suitable for bulk cement and dry fly ash, featured by rain and dampness resistant, and easy to use, etc. Spec and size can be made according to clients different requirements.
3. Cement Tank is cylinder and supporting structure. The superior part has dust removing device to avoid leakage of dust; and the inferior part is equipped with arch breaker to avoid powder caking and make discharging smooth, and bin level sensing device to master usage of material in the bin at any time.
4 Cement bin generally adopts bulk cement conveying truck to send powder in the bin by pneumatic conveying; according different structures of cement bin, there are two kinds of discharging: the first is the inferior part is connected with screw conveyer and screw conveyer send powders into powder measure; the second is to adopt pneumatic conveying (to special cement bin).
5 Cement bin is resigned according to customer’s needs.

1. Our cement silos are mainly used as a cement storage tank of Concrete Mixing Plant and dry mortar production line.
2. OUr cement silo are equipped with safety valve to balance the pressure inside and outside of the silos.
3. Our cement silos can be equipped level indicator so as to monitor the material level and amount
4. Our cement silos are equipped with the screw conveyor, the materials can be conveyed to a certain position
5. Cement silos suitable for loading into containers and exporting to overseas
6. Perfect sealings assure its efficient working performance.

Cement silos Manufacturers

Cement silos Manufacturers

Manufactured Technology of Cement Silo:
The parts of the cement silos manufacturers by special cutting and drilling technologies and they are implemented special surface cleaning procedure. The parts of the cement silos also are cement silos manufacturers in sensitive production facilities with special equipments and they are painted with prime coating and final coating.

Bolted Type Cement Silo For Export Market:
Market cost of cement silos We has highly capacity in manufacturing of cement silos. Bolted type cement silos which are manufactured in different capacities, provide great advantages especially in transportation. For example, 2 units 100 tons bolted type cement silos can be transported by only 1 set 40HQ.

Triple reliable seal protection:
1. The compaction degree of special sealing strip is from 5 mm to 1 mm. The strong elasticity effect fill in the full of all possible apertures after the screw bolts are fasten. It can withstand 200 degree heat. Even in the field environment, it can maintain long-term sealing effectiveness.
2. It will leave some tiny gap after compacting the special sealing strips. However, our silo has the clever design which has the perfect sealing affection: when the materials are input to the silo for the first time, the fine dust of material will automatic drill into the gap.The liquid glue is placed outside the special sealing strip, it will extend the service life of the article seal and prevent long time moisture infiltration in the rainy season. 

Production of cement mixing station, warehouse roof dust, but also the production of cement in the warehouse roof dust filter. And offers mixing station accessories (safety valve, butterfly valve, level meter, etc.). 

Henan oriental machinery co.,ltd. manufacturers cement silo manufacturers in China. Welcome to inquiry the price about Cement silo…

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