Mixing station dust collector filter maintenance
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Mixing station dust collector filter maintenance

Mixing system dust collector filter, the filter fabric made ​​of polyester fiber, it has high strength, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, good flexibility, not musty, not afraid of insects, simply wash fast jerky benefits. Observed mixing system Dust Collector Filter performance, provide more comfort for people who use and after use, but it is necessary to have some routine maintenance and cleaning, has reached the maximum efficiency of the product.
Mixing plant collector dust filter with a check that the front of the line clearly. Bulk cement truck should the tank before and after the ash to be enabled for 2-3 minutes vibration. Alarm if the alarm to prevent the cement tank, stopping processor to ashes and dust damage. If bad sound of the wind, make sure that the dust filter is blocked if the block should be cleaned in a timely manner. Before cleaning the filter, in line with a 2-3-road event, when combined deformation filter flushing. When cleaning, you need to filter before installing. After repeated washing, filtration, was dusting the purpose achieved, buy a new cartridge, and aim for maximum dust time.
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