Powder butterfly valve is a brief introduction
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Powder butterfly valve is a brief introduction

The throttle valve is made of an aluminum alloy powder material, half-valve aluminum alloy material, turning the body uses the high polymer material, pressure range is 0.2Mpa, for temperatures up to 80 ° C, consisting of two half-body composition, gravity casting, half-valve used for aluminum alloy material, rotary valve plate, the high polymer material having good sealing. Circle with the same upper and lower flange, flanges, and a hem at the top with part applies to a hose. Products are mainly used for cabinets, hoppers, and equipped with a powder or granular material silos. You can all processing of powders and granular materials applied using gravity of materials for the closure of the valve and pneumatic transport of dry material. Hopper, feed bins, silo installed below the disk, or other conveyors, pneumatic conveying lines and connectors. Due to the particular structure of the valve and the use of materials it is always a very inexpensive and highly effective choice.
Butterfly-powder: used rotary disc, the high wear-resistant polymer materials; body, gravity casting, high strength cast aluminum body over, fewer components, light weight, easy handling and so on. Double flange butterfly valve with flange 2, the same; Dan Falan connection with shut-off valve is fitted out in the lower ring is used to install a soft case. Depending on application requirements, you can disconnect handle or cylinder driven by a suitable drive suite. Industrial design, combined with a special composite material used to make valve structure is compact and light, sadness plate wear-resistance, durability, ease of installation and maintenance, and other features, is a high cost-benefit-powder valve.
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