Resistance rotary level control instrument
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Resistance of rotating material instrument used in modern industrial processes and warehousing sector, used the container of powder and granular material, the level of detection or control. Its works by the deceleration of exchange micro-motor, driven by the detection of slow blade rotation, when the material under test level rise. Resulting in rotation of the blades are blocked, testing organizations around the spindle rotation displacement, this displacement first to make a switch action. Issued the expected signal, followed by another micro switch action. Cut off the power of micro-motor so that it stops rotating. As long as the material level inside the warehouse the same, this status has been maintained.
Resistance rotary level control instrument
When the level decreased detection leaves lose blocked, the testing organization will rely on spring tension to restore state. The first micro switch action. Connected to the motor power to spin. Subsequently, another micro-switch action issued by the non-material signal. As long as there is no material to block the detection of blade rotation. Such status has been maintained.

The main parameters:

Blade rotation 2.5r/min the medium density> 0.2g/cm ³ ambient temperature: -10 ° or +80 °

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