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Screw conveyor spreader controls best method
Modern construction is set up, the blade control surface basic methods of soil pressure balancing, under real pressure in the coal face of change, adjust the volume of dumping in a timely manner, ensuring the face have the right to the assistance of pressure. Currently used, the method is to pass a predetermined pressure value in the trash, construction corrected according to the settlement to form stable, a “backward” ground pressure. By stress on the excavation bottom layer on the surface of the original complex that set and adjust the delayed results have a greater ground elevation or reduction, soil stability and surface subsidence effect depends largely on the control of construction experience, makes it difficult to assess the quality of construction guarantee. Therefore, how to adjust depending on the face of the earth pressure and surface deformation of the screw conveyor velocity earth pressure balance shield machine is assigned, and reliable drive key technology issues, is also a question of technical difficulties.
Environmental Protection and Restriction of ground facilities tunnel has become the construction method and construction of the ever-increasing demand, especially in the city and across the river bottom soil layers of the tunnel, construction of shield law, the preferred, on the control of surface subsidence, which is by its construction a measure of one of the most important elements of modern construction technology shield.

First design of  screw conveyor belt retractor control strategy
Pressure balance Earth Shield for urban construction, to ground settlement, taxes reduce the deformation of the earth’s surface, an important factor in the sealed cartridge into the ground and the level of dumping to keep in play. As a rule, two types of control, a control to soil volume to support control mode is, of bottom pressure detection, change promotion speed control in soil volume, prior to this time spiral transportation machine speed, another a line of ground volume of the series of ground-control mode, is recognition by soil pressure, change spiral transportation machine of the line speed ground volume in that time frame plate velocity previous record promotion.
Dumping of earth pressure balance shield machine control mode according to the geological formations and experience in advance the target pressure and the rate of progress, readings simultaneously achieve by earth pressure of sealed silo sensor adjusting the conveyor speed screw to the desired amount of dumping. If the pressure exceeds the set limit, increase auger speed, increase the margin if the ground pressure low is lower than the target pressure is set, screw conveyors to reduce speeds to reduce the amount of dumping, if the target surface pressure of the earth set pressure range screw conveyor to a dump speed limit.
If the actual sign, earth-pressure balance control with PID control, PID control parameters tuning of very demanding parameters that affect the regulation of quality directly, PID control tuning of the more difficult parts. On the other hand, guarantee, because the target value changes and unpredictable foreign interference, a slow degeneration of the Control object into the system characteristics, the power of the PID tuning parameters is not that the system is very well controlled.

Second Hydraulic system design of the screw conveyor
Screw conveyor with hydraulic drive and control, earth pressure feedback signals and variables within the sealed cartridge pump speed control screw conveyor, controlling effectively sealed silo and ground pressure excavation of earth pressure balance. At the same time, screw conveyor mud reliably open and close the gate were security for the tunnel.
Motor usually starts after spiral conveyor, below the state of the system, and the top drive system mill turns of the state, opened out of the mud under the gate, you can screw conveyor control, flip control spiral conveyor elevator down, the lock. In addition, screw conveyor motor starts normally open to the door and close the control’s Party of mud. Pressure oil system with three-position four-way solenoid valve, pilot operated check valve in the forward movement of the hydraulic cylinder piston rod hydraulic cylinder rod chamber. When moving the piston rod, made of mud-opens the door, raised his inauguration. Real-time detection of hydraulic cylinder displacement sensor used is to promote the shift detected when the promotion of the shift is equal to the amount of displacement, three position four-way solenoid valve is in power, fixed hydraulic cylinder piston rod at fixed locations. Endswitch used in the system to the extreme position of the hydraulic cylinder of the gate signal to provide sludge outlet, may play a role in security.
Engine speed built into the system to the output shaft speed sensor on detection, speed sensor control output parameters on the design and strengthening zoom to adjust through scale controller controls the primary drive ratio of the pump control valve so that the main driving pump proportional change according to the speed the screw conveyor to achieve required. If the system function, two-position two-way solenoid valve in the down state, by a one way valve and pressure oil cutoff valve in the accumulator, pressure accumulator energy storage.
A power failure or unexpected downtime status should be to prevent the occurrence of accidents casting, screw conveyors provide reliable mud gate close to the ground-floor pressure equalization within the camp safe. The system makes it suddenly loses the power of the two-position two-way solenoid valve, oil – on, the function of accumulator acts as a pump.Long outages should be close in time ball shut-off valve in case of leakage caused by pipeline closure pressure is too low, causing the phenomenon of bad seal. Discharge ball valve and safety relief valve prevents pressure battery protection.
Third Summary
Cartridge pressure feedback and feedback-hydraulic proportional control technology, control of the shield tunneling to reduce disturbance of the soil, surface subsidence, screw conveyor for hydraulic plate can accommodate a variety of complex geological formations and system reliability.
Plate seal for real-time monitoring of earth pressure in the cartridge, reach self-tuning PID to control strategy for a spiral conveyor speed control, adjustment in the sealed cartridge, the basic realization of automatic control, earth pressure balance shield construction in control technology dumping ground pressure regulation is a reference to controls.

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