Screw conveyor uses the characteristics of structure and working principle
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Screw conveyor uses the characteristics of structure and working principle

Design of screw conveyor
Screw conveyor
uses and characteristics:

LS series Design of screw conveyor is used mainly for transportation of cement, fly ash, fine powders and granules such as sand. Often used in the finishing of the batching plant, cement, mining, through the years, the long-term development and the improvement on many occasions.

Currently used LS series screw conveyor has the following main characteristics:
Manufactured from high strength wear-resistant steel imported continuous spiral, after the partition of error is less than 5 mm and the leaf surface smooth ensure homogeneous material handling material handling, stability, to ensure the repeatability of the measurement of the material.
Second, continuous spiral of leaves was made use of cold hardening of cold-rolling process, increasing the hardness and abrasion resistance than ordinary leaves about one time frame to achieve hardness HB240.
Thirdly prevented before and after the portion with low density, density two-pitch spiral blades, the blockage. Commonly known as “eat less”. Blade made of high accuracy, a full tube of material handling, users of the spiral conveyor belt feed flat screen to judge in a position to guarantee to be pros and cons of the screw conveyor.
Four helix axis in a specific area inside the machine are defined in the intermediate hanging bearing support shaft rotation, advanced hanging bearings made of steel or aluminum, single cantilever mount, links in the leaf-break space before and after the section of small, maximize material flow streams smoothly section without obstacles.
Five, screw conveyors feeding mouth and cement silo compounds include: ball joint flange rigid waterproof canvas and suspended flexible connection of two forms. Audiovisual equipment disassembly and assembly of the decision of times the interface shape.
Six special construction, the former camp to avoid the screws in the normal operation of the axial force for voltage, the voltage at the expense of the thrust in the front, storage, warehousing prevents pressure regulator and elevator shafts, the momentum of the screw axial pressure chamber.
LS series screw conveyor structure and functioning:
LS series screw conveyor structure of order: engine, transmission type, the text of Assembly, middle part and the Middle bearing assembly, assembly, front bearing assembly section output, oil lubrication systems, canvas jacket, accessories for cables, connecting parts and consumables such B . rope for hanging.
Screw conveyor between the sections are made of flanged, with seal.
Lubrication system, grease gun lubricant oil injection through a copper pipe assembly to the required lubrication, bearing oil from the front of the mouth butter.
If you drive from the engine to the gearbox with bevel-axis power in turn of spiral push-to-front work socket elements.
Spiral cable when testing the observation that the upper axis turn the screw machine is correct.
Screw conveyors are available more rope suspension bracket available but also the device ensure the linearity of the screw machine.
Screw conveyors are in the air, usually installed when the unit is installed, all parts are present, the device uses if the problem repair, disassembly, repair must be in trouble, while the selection of the product must, therefore, on the structural principle of right of the screen.
See also: General Screw Conveyor is a manufacturer of equipment for the spiral conveyor belt products consisted of a hand, but the user must provide transportation different users on different occasions, the length (or import / export plagioclase), height, by the manufacturer in accordance with the requirements of the user.

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