Stand-alone dust collector operating procedures
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Stand-alone dust collector operating procedures

Dust Collector is now far been true in the large industrial dust removal, cleaning of equipment,its operation is simple, high efficiency. Dust Remover is a standalone application is often a dustcollector unit, the principle is simple.
Raw gas input box inside of flat bag filter device for filtering, dust resistance filter bag leftoutside surface Shang, cleaning of the gas entered through filter bags wind machine, windmachine inhaled directly discharge when filter time increased, filter bag out stock report dustalso increased steadily, filter bag, corresponding resistance is increased, efficiency hassignificantly reduced dust, at that time began vibrating institutions play in the pocket embroideryreport filter area of ​​dust doula does, falls into the dust in a drawer pull clear of artificial.
Stand-alone Dust Collector works:
Dust-containing gas from the air inlet cabinet, filter bag, dust out resistance on the outer surfaceof the filter bag, after purification of gases from the outlet fan out of the box, directly to remain inthe interior.
The host for the continuous work, increased adhesion of the dust outside of the filter bag, equipment, resistance increases, continuously cleaning must be bonded to the outside of the filter bag dust brush, the ash-bucket fall collection, dust from the artificial Clear only life . extend
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