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Steel Cement Bin

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steel cement bin Specifications
1.esay to delivery.
2 Customized sizing and layout to specific requirement
3.With different capacities,50T,100T,200T,etc….

Bulk cement silo is an enclosed tank storage of bulk materials, suitable for storing grain, cement, fly ash and other bulk materials, the tank is equipped with a particle-bit systems, can show the location and number of materials, hole installation be relieved of materials caused by strong sediment for too long. L cement silo and screw pumps with full use be able to transport materials to various locations in the tank easy installation, safe and reliable, ideal for mixing all kinds of bulk storage tanks.

Main Technical Parameters

Type Tank Diameter Tank Height Total Height of Tank Match the Host Matching Screw Pump
30 Tons 2.6m 4.8m 11.4m JD350 LSY160-2.5
50 Tons 2.6m 10.5m 12.5m JS500 LSY160-4.5
80 Tons 3m 12.6m 15.6m JS750 LSY200-6
100 Tons 3m 13.6m 16.6m JS1000 LSY200-9