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What is cement silo? Powdered hydraulic inorganic cementitious materials. Sand, stone and other materials after mixing with water into a slurry, air hardening or hardening in water, and be able to firmly cemented together. Cement is an important building material made ​​with cement mortar or concrete, strong and durable, widely used in civil construction, water […]

 Henen oriental machinery co.,ltd.specializes in the production of sheet cement silo (Pack cement silo) Pack splitcement silo equipment, sheet cement silo cement silo (Pack) is a cylindrical structure, the bottom of the body by four tube legs support the entire warehouse, The entire warehouse for all the steel structure in the form of welded; top of a filter […]

100-120 tons of bulk cement tank (cement silo) is a medium-sized integrated vertical bulk cement steel storage tanks.Especially the 100 tons of cement tank cement silo application of the most widely used, small, medium and large concrete mixing plants are available.  Henen oriental machinery production of 100 tons of bulk cement silo (cement tank) is one of the steel drum tank. The composition […]

Henan oriental machinery co.,ltd. 2013 Bulk cement silo manufacturers of various types of cement silo professional company, ORIENTAL company mainly drawings are the use of advanced production technology and production base built to a high standard, and the formation of the high-quality products primarily to the 150 -300tons of bulk cement silo cement silo high […]

Cold winter how to use the cement silo The cold winter is coming, cement silos body of the method for the protection varies with the seasons, how different and how reasonable protection of the masses, cement silos, we simple presentation. Are loose cement silo mixing plant and needs that some users mix If you train […]

  Our company manufactures excellent quality Storage Silo with maximum storage capacity. We use top quality and aluminium in our production line for fabricating Storage Silo that can meet the exact requirements of the clients. Cement Storage Silo, offered by us, is in great demand because of its robust construction and resistivity against varied conditions. […]

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