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Henan Oriental Silo for dust collector Warehouse roof ESP is for use in a silo dust Filter removal equipment. This  silo dust collector filter is mainly used in mining, metallurgy, building materials, machinery, chemicals, food processing and other industrial and mining enterprises. And it is widely used in fine gas filtration, drying or non-fibrous dust dried powder […]

      Dust collector Warehouse roof dust filter is based on cement, fly ash, stone dust, slag, chemical powder powdery substance through the aperture, vibrator for cement silo design precipitator by the maximum diameter and adhesion role to the pore size of the filter effect, can meet the requirements of various powdered substances filtered. That meet send bulk truck […]

Second, power 1, note that the fan start (automatic fuse is easy to fuse, to avoid the stand-alone run the motor burned) Electric power switch must be relay 3, strict compliance with electrical wiring methods specified by the manufacturer 4, the management staff of the power switch is relatively stable (3), vacuum cleaners One, pay […]

Cement silo Electric dust collector is a new function on the basis of common precipitator of a new type of filter, electrostatic precipitator maintenance and dust collector in everyday use such as maintenance of the warehouse roof, cement tank, dust collector and there are some differences between . Let’s look at the routine maintenance of […]

Cement silo cement tank is a modern social construction materials storage Cement silos, cement tanks of the correct choice is the important guarantee for the safe operation of the monitoring, the choice should pay attention to what is important, we have summarized for you the following for reference purposes only: 1), cement silo bottom of […]

Characteristics of the cement silo Top Dust Collector Now, in a series of large machines and equipment found in a variety of filters, Dust Collector in accordance with its composed of many species that produced our factory mainly cement silo top vacuum cleaners, dust, powder mixing station valves and other products so that all our […]

Mixing station dust collector filter maintenance Mixing system dust collector filter, the filter fabric made ​​of polyester fiber, it has high strength, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, good flexibility, not musty, not afraid of insects, simply wash fast jerky benefits. Observed mixing system Dust Collector Filter performance, provide more comfort for people who use and […]

Stand-alone dust collector operating procedures Dust Collector is now far been true in the large industrial dust removal, cleaning of equipment,its operation is simple, high efficiency. Dust Remover is a standalone application is often a dustcollector unit, the principle is simple. Raw gas input box inside of flat bag filter device for filtering, dust resistance filter bag leftoutside surface Shang, cleaning of the gas entered through filter bags wind machine, windmachine inhaled directly discharge when filter time increased, filter bag out stock report dustalso increased steadily, filter bag, corresponding resistance is increased, efficiency hassignificantly reduced dust, at that time began vibrating institutions play in the pocket embroideryreport filter area of ​​dust doula does, falls into the dust in a drawer pull clear of artificial. Stand-alone Dust Collector works: Dust-containing gas from the air inlet cabinet, filter bag, dust out resistance on the outer surfaceof the filter […]

The important role of the pressure relief valve in the product (Safety valve) Dust Collector many accessories are very important to the product itself, the pressure relief valve plays in cement silo top dust collector system is a very important role in security. In mixing cement tank pressure to the specified amount exceeds, the valve opens automatically, stirred part of the […]

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