Cement silo sealing scheme is introduced

//Cement silo sealing scheme is introduced

Cement silo sealing scheme is introduced

Cement silo sealing scheme is introduced
A seal node is introduced
Henan oriental machinery co.,ltd Slag silo production of filling cans from the structure can be divided into the cover, the tube body unit (tube), tube section connecting flange steel flange (T), cone, leg (support structure), gym, etc.
All through the bolt connection between all of the above structure parts, according to our filling tank of concrete Slag silo structure characteristics of the bolt connection can be divided into four categories, namely the straight flange connection, round flange connection, T steel flange connection four classes, plate lap connection, etc.

Slag silo


1, straight flange connection: components through the straight strip flange connection type I section, mainly used for docking, the cone cover fragmentation shard of docking, the docking of T steel flange section, etc.

2, round flange connection: components I type section of circular ring flange connection, it is mainly used for the cone section of docking, dust collector and the cover of the docking and so on.
3, T steel flange connection, especially the upper and lower cylinder body unit (cone), the docking between shell and cover (or cone) connection.
4, plate lap connection, especially the storehouse board docking with the warehouse plate forming unit (cone) of a tube body connection.

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