How to patch concrete silos

//How to patch concrete silos

How to patch concrete silos

First, the memory specifications: 50t, 80t, 100t, 150t, 200t, 250t, 300t, 500t standard formats such as cement tank, followed by us is not just for the sake of convenience, the production of cement mixed up the material into the cement silo to the cement silois to protect the environment, carbon, coal, cement and other boring is very trick dust construction environment contaminated. Cement tank cylindrical structure supported by four rough round tube legs at the bottom of the positions in the body, the entire warehouse steel structure forms the top of a filter and pressure relief valve. Internal pressure is too strong in the dust-proof, moisture-proof anti warehouse explosion caused by the function, at the same time for the material quality assurance, we must make a cement silo storage materials classified, so that in use, or storage can shortcut to do all kinds of data statistics to facilitate personnel management.

How to patch concrete silos
In addition, cement tanks stored in the form of the decision itself role, both in the industrial, urban construction, or ordinary feed store, etc., we have to store the materials when maintaining positions itself not to tilt, good lightning fire safety work, when instilling the materials, cement silo feet corrosion occurring due to rain leading to deformation, the aging phenomenon, only to make all the necessary measures to safeguard the cement silo durable.

Cement silo warehouse roof leaked, the first connecting part of the welding is not solid, followed by the installation Mifengbuyan. Might not even add a seal.Bulk cement tank warehouse roof dust is dust better. In operation, the cement truck connected in the bottom of the cement tank inlet, and then through the pressure hit the cement tank. At this time, it would certainly produce a lot of dust. No dust collector is not enough. Precipitator parts to do well on the prone to the to take Ash phenomenon. Time to check the upper end of the dust removal system in a timely manner, if it is where welded seal on mended, if it is connected not sealed, on the plus gasket pressure firmly with screws. This will not occur again take ash.
Besides the cement tank Mifengbuyan There are several reasons, First, they do cement tank did not take the double-sided welding. Cement bulk tank is welded by multiple steel plates, welding parts with double-sided welding, easily welding lax leak leakage ash phenomenon. Second, is too serious late-polished handle, polished too far to look good, but the welding part is grinding finished, it is not firmly seal is not good. For the other situation, you can mark Mifengbuyan place, and then find someone to re-welded under. Way to safe use.
Do the above two points, and basic cement warehouse top take gray and Mifengbuyan the problem can be solved. Regular manufacturers must find in this Wei Wang machinery again to remind the user to buy cement in bulk tank, not freeloaders. Security is on the one hand, and later use them whether smoothly also very important.


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