Supply cement silo in China

//Supply cement silo in China

Supply cement silo in China

Production cycle is supper fast, could u find the other similar products can compare with ours?

2013 Cement silo manufacturer

2013 Cement silo manufacturer


1. The Cement silo is in standard modular manufacture and can be freely separated or combined.The product is in reasonable design and easy adjustment.
The short production cycle can be significantly shortened the delivery cycle. Most part of standard products has the stock order, so we can make zero delivery time.

2. All the manufacturing process are in our factory, so the installation time on the construction site is brief. You just need to assemble the parts of silos when you buy it.

3.All parts of silos can be packed into bundles, so it can reduce the loading time and it greatly save the space while during the period of transportation

4.The Cement silo can be transported regardless of size. It can greatly reduce the transportation cost because more than one silo may be carried by one truck

5.Sheet flexible silos are easily packed into container to the world and it no longer uses the conventional way of break-bulk cargo transport.

Advantages Cement Silo:
LX Series Screw Conveyor Ship Un-loader, consisting of vertical and horizontal screw conveyors, is used in unloading of powder and granular materials. Hydraulic system equipped. Capacity: 200-1000t/h.
Chains Bucket Elevator features self-in-taking and gravity discharge. Chains are made of plate chains of high quality and strength.
Breathable layer, main structure of chute, is made of flexible thick plate synthetic fabrics, which feature high temperature resistance (150°C), corrosion resistance, high reliability, low moisture absorption, light weight, and long service life.
Cement Silo of bigger diameter discharge in a continuous and evenly way. A cylindrical mixing chamber is set up in the center of silo to reduce discharging pressure and eliminate funnel flow. 6-12 inflatable areas between mixing chamber and silo wall send materials to the chamber in turn when discharging, and materials discharge from the center tube, while excess air will be excluded by exhaust pipes and cleaned by dust collectors.
Automobile bulk machine can be connected with discharging system, so that automatic discharge, discharging stops when trucks are filled, can be realized. High proficiency and little dust pollution.

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