Warehouse roof precipitator (Dust collector)

//Warehouse roof precipitator (Dust collector)

Warehouse roof precipitator (Dust collector)

      Dust collector Warehouse roof dust filter is based on cement, fly ash, stone dust, slag, chemical powder powdery substance through the aperture, vibrator for cement silo design precipitator by the maximum diameter and adhesion role to the pore size of the filter effect, can meet the requirements of various powdered substances filtered. That meet send bulk truck wind and air delivery requirements dismantled and then loaded goods, but also ensures that no negative pressure powder substance use within the warehouse. Cement dust collector is widely used in cement tank concrete mixing station , cement plant cement tanks, chemical plants, power house.

    Warehouse roof precipitator Dust collector durability, breathable good filter material and a safe and reliable high-frequency vibration device, The warehouse roof precipitator machine with efficient dust removal performance. Mainly used for asphalt mixing plant silo top dust and cement, chemicals, pesticides, and other industry power house dust, easy to install, well-durable characteristics, the collection efficiency of 99% or more.

vibrator for cement silo

Dust collector for sale

Technical parameters of the Dust collector precipitators commonly used models:

The warehouse roof In addition precipitator Model   Silo Specifications   Collection efficiency   Cleaning power  Dimensions diameter xheight ( mm 
SGC-2   50T following      > 99%     250W    Φ600 × 800  
   SGC-6     80T – 200T   > 99%  250W   Φ780 × 1600  
 SGC-30   300T more        > 99%  750W   Φ1820 × 1800 

 Note: When you install the vibrator for cement silo, the lower part of the cylinder and the the silo top of welding for one, and then on the lower flange can be connected fastening.

The vibrator for cement silo precipitator Note:

, pre-use check whether the line is smooth.

, bulk cement truck to the tank before and after the injection gray open vibration 2-3 minutes.

3,The cement tank alarm alarm stop Note ash to prevent damage to the dust-processor.

, out of the wind when the tone poor, you should check whether the dust filter clogging, such as blocked should be promptly cleaned.

5,Cleaning filter, with a line bundle 2-3 Road to prevent flushing filter deformation.

6,Cleaning have to wait for the filter to dry to install and use.

after repeated cleaning filter dust has reached the purpose, should be replaced.



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