Cement Silo Accessories

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Cement silo part

Cement Silo Filter

Silo electric Dust collector

Cement Silo Filter System And Technical Parameters

• Safe weather protection cover with lockable snap hook;
• No tools required for filtering element removal;
• Robust design;
• Perfectly accessible due to compact design;
• Complete replacement of filter media by only one person within a few minutes.

Maximum-Minimum Level Indicator

damped rotation type level indicator

Cement level indicator is a limit value indicator that is used to check the cement filling volume in the cement silo.

This indicator is used to determine the maximum and minumum level of the cement in the cement silo by using of rotary motion.

When the cement amount in the cement silo reaches the turning pedal of the indicator, there occures a signal shows that the cement amount has reached to that level. When the cement amount goes down under the indicator level, the turning pedal starts to move again and thus the other units of the system start to move too. Cement level indicators usually are used to determine filling level of the material which has 0,5-2,0 ton/m³ density in the cement silo and mostly they are assembled on bottom and top parts of the cement silo.

High Pressure Safety Valves

butterfly valve in silo


High Pressure cement Safety Valves of Cement Silos 

High pressure cement safety valves VAM standard are used the discharge the high pressure in the cement silo. Those

valves start to run when the pressure value reaches the pre-set pressure limit value.

Those valves are the equipments that keeps the pressure in the cement silo in desired values and prevent the cement silo filter from breaking down.

The cement is transferred from silobus to cement silo with high pressure. In case there is no cement in the silobus, only the air is transferred into the cement silo and thus there occures high pressure in the cement silo. At this moment if high pressure safety valves do not start to run , the cement silo and the cement silo filter can be damaged seriously.

Butterfly valve

Pneumatic butterfly valve

Butterfly valve VAM standard switch is mainly used for the silo bins, hoppers and equipped with powdery or granular materials. It can be applied to deal with all powdery and granular materials, the use of the material itself gravity valve closure and pneumatic transport of dry materials. It may be installed below the hopper, bin, silo, screw or other type of conveyor.

Butterfly valve

Screw Conveyor

Cement Silo Screw conveyor of Cement Silos

The Cement Screw conveyor VAM standard are used to transfer the cement from big bags and bags to cement silo and cement batchers. Cement screws are manufactured by Oriental in different capacities and diameters by using latest technology. Oriental manufactures 2 different type of cement silos according to application ; cylindrical type and semi-open type. Oriental cement screws are drived by planetary type gearbox and appropriate engine. Oriental cement screws which have galvanized maintenance covers and special intermediate bearings, also are equipped with central lubrication system. This system is designed to provide operating convenience to our customers and is implemented in all Oriental cement screws as standart. Oriental cement screws are manufactured at Ø114, Ø165, Ø219, Ø273 ve Ø323 diameters.Semi-open type cement screws are specially designed to use in Oriental MOBILE MASTER-60 mobile concrete batching plants.

Broken arch

broken arch for cement silo

Silo broken arch anti-blocking system auxiliary discharge flow BAS series is a broken arch promote and maintain powder and bulk material in the silo and smooth outflow for the purpose of cost-effective solutions. Hopper broken arch anti-blocking system auxiliary discharge flow through the nozzle broke out between the material and the realization of the silo wall form a strong radial pulse airflow surface, forcing the material and the silo wall cut off, thereby reducing material between each other, the material and the coefficient of friction between the silo wall and accelerate the flow of materials. Thus, it is forced to move and inspire the material due to gravity discharged through the discharge port. Hopper broken arch anti-blocking system auxiliary discharge stream running by a dedicated microcomputer timing controller for precise movement, and by commissioning nozzle outbreak cycle, implementation and discharge velocity of the material coherence.

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