Steel silo Food warehouses silo

Henan Oriental Our steel silo Food storage systems, food systems, food storage, food warehouses, silos, silo systems, grain handling Food warehouses suitable for storing food, seed, feed, plastic pellets, cement coal and other particles, powdered materials. For grain, flour mills, grain rice plants, malting plants, breweries, ports, farms, food processing centers, coal mines and other [...]

Broken arch silo

Broken arch for cement silo bin broken arch feeding device Henan Oriental Silo broken arch anti-blocking system auxiliary discharge flow BAS series is a broken arch promote and maintain powder and bulk material in the silo and smooth outflow for the purpose of cost-effective solutions. Hopper broken arch anti-blocking system auxiliary discharge flow through the nozzle broke [...]

Level indicator silo

Level indicator silo Henan oriental Machinery Rotary resistance level indicator for fixed-point measuring hopper material level, it has anti-adhesive, high temperature, adjustable sensitivity and other characteristics. level indicator installed at the bottom or top of the silo, can achieve short positions or warehouse full alarm, or at some distance (about 1 meter) to install one, can be [...]

Pneumatic butterfly valve and manual butterfly valve Powders

Pneumatic butterfly manual butterfly Pneumatic devices Single flange Double Flange  Aluminum alloy VAM manual butterfly Pneumatic Pneumatic butterfly Powders DN400 DN300 DN350 DN250 DN200 DN150 DN100 Henan Oriental Machinery Aluminum alloy Butterfly valve switch is mainly used for the silo bins, hoppers and equipped with powdery or granular materials. It can be applied to deal with all powdery and granular materials, the use [...]

silo for dust collector

Henan Oriental Silo for dust collector Warehouse roof ESP is for use in a silo dust Filter removal equipment. This  silo dust collector filter is mainly used in mining, metallurgy, building materials, machinery, chemicals, food processing and other industrial and mining enterprises. And it is widely used in fine gas filtration, drying or non-fibrous dust dried powder [...]

Cement silo for Safety valve

Cement silo for Safety valve is opening and closing pieces by the external force is normally closed state, when the device or media pressure inside the pipe rises above a predetermined value, through to the outside of the system to prevent the emission medium special valve in the pipeline or equipment medium pressure exceeds a [...]

Bulk cement silo  Powder Butterfly

Bulk cement silo  Powder Butterfly valvenet work mainly show Henan oriental production tonnage bulk cement tank, sheet cement tanks and related equipment - cement metering system with cement conveyor (auger), the followingbutterfly valve of cement silo, Cement silo powder butterfly-001 Silo powder butterfly Silo powder butterfly Cement silo works: [...]

Cement silo sealing scheme is introduced

Cement silo sealing scheme is introduced A seal node is introduced Henan oriental machinery co.,ltd Slag silo production of filling cans from the structure can be divided into the cover, the tube body unit (tube), tube section connecting flange steel flange (T), cone, leg (support structure), gym, etc. All through the bolt connection between all [...]

2013 New Supply Cement silo manufacturers

Cement silo is a concrete batching plant of supporting products, mainly has the following characteristics: 1.Put in bulk power(cemnent or fly ash)watrerproof and moisture ,easy to use and redure costs. 2.the top of cement silo with green filter, used to reduce dust leakage. Equipped with a safety valve at the top of cement silo, cement [...]

Supply cement silo in China

Production cycle is supper fast, could u find the other similar products can compare with ours? 2013 Cement silo manufacturer   1. The Cement silo is in standard modular manufacture and can be freely separated or combined.The product is in reasonable design and easy adjustment. The short production cycle can be significantly shortened [...]